What I learnt in 2020 about

Last year, when I wasn’t posting on LinkedIn, Twitter or to my personal newsletter subscribers, I was doing closed 1:1 accountability session with Founders, learning about the things that really keep them up at night, things they don’t necessarily feel comfortable sharing on social media.

One of the things I realised is that even though there is a lot of support in the tech community, things like boot camps, how to build your personal brand, how to build your MVP, etc, there is an apprehensiveness to these events, their incentives and whether they lead to meaningful results.

Walk with me…

This year I have been executing at the intersection of no-code, product management and helping black founders get their first 10 customers. It’s forced me to think deeply about the challenges that are stopping people who look like me from solving problems that are important or that they are passionate about.

When I think about barriers to entry, a lot of people think that not being able to code or get Angel/VC funding is the blocker. But on the flip side, speak to any Angel/VC and all they talk about is traction (a leading indicator of revenue).

You’ll be forgiven…

No-Code Tools: Open up access, Automate workflows

In the arena of Product Management 👩‍🔬

It was my first 3 months into a company that had ambitious plans (and still does) to grow. What this usually means is that amongst Shareholders, Board of Directors and the C-Suite are expectations that need to be reported on. The usual stuff.

I was working a new and exciting project that still needed to prove itself. Yes the strategy was set, but as all PM’s will tell you:

We need more developers

The current challenge was that we had been building a lead-capture form to collect leads from a new marketing campaign that was about to go out and…

The more I speak to small businesses and people who want to build websites the more I realise this is a problem a lot of people have.

The funniest thing is I have seen this problem at all levels, even some of the more technical people I know still build website’s that have too much functionality leaving visitors confused about what to do next. Also, even though I look to a lot of designers for inspo, I still find the same problem where their homepage doesn’t quickly tell me why I should care.

In this article, I share some of…

I was explaining to my friend what niches feel like 🤔

As someone who participated in radio, making music and getting played on 1Xtra under the tag name Mojo, one of the best feelings for me was creating music and wondering who was listening to it.

Over time, I realised that as a fan, I always felt artists who were lyrical, went against the grain and were unique in the way spoke about their perspective. I love championing people who are sick at storytelling and I definitely felt like my favourite UK artists no longer had to come from either…

It was August 2018 when a simple convo between Tolani Adekoya and I turned into a chance do work on a fun side project.

Here’s your Intro, in case you’re asking

I had already noticed that my mobile network provider, a couple of my banks and a parcel delivery company I used were getting me to use their Webchat/Live Chat services; incentivising me through quicker responses. I really wanted to answer the question of what a good experience feels like.

After a few discussions about what we were trying to achieve, we agreed on the research objective and got things moving with most of our collabs happening…

Everyone says this is the ultimate validation of your product is customers paying for it. If you could keep the lights on, replace your income and grow that to £100K per month would you not be fulfilled. World domination is worthy ideal, but even just £10K per month would be life changing for many of us.

It’s a bit hard to imagine what we did before Instagram, Whatsapp and Twitter were a part of our daily routie. I remember how different the Facebook founders looked compared to the business people who wore suits all day. …

I always count myself lucky to have worked in 3 different sized companies; global investment banks, scrappy startups and the mid-size companies who want to eat up market share without sacrificing some of velocity as they grow.

I love working on products/business models. It’s a constant reminder that no matter how much people think they know, our intuition is often wrong; but we can maximise the chances of success by making decisions based on concrete evidence.

We All Have Growing Pains

During the growth of your company (define growth how you want: team size, revenue,# of users, # of paying customers, etc) you will see…

I feel blessed to be working on a B2B product used by mid-size companies; the type of clients that need a motivated sales force and a good go-to-market strategy at that.

When conducting user research, discovery sessions and observations I was really intentional about understanding who the players are.

Eventually I came to the conclusion that you really have to look after the choosers and users.

Photo by Tyler Franta on Unsplash

A simple definition

When we’re considering our salescycle in B2B there are two personas we must have in mind: Users & Choosers (or “buyer” persona if you prefer).

  • Users actually use the product
  • Choosers evaluate your product…

In this article, I will talk about a diverse perspective, put the torch on the people who paved the way before us and shed light on some untapped market opportunities for those who can cater to the need.

When it comes to black hair, Paks are the most visible on the high street in certain parts of London. They sell the staple products that African/Carribean people use on their hair daily and have branches in locations where black consumers are concentrated. …

James Abayomi Ojo ⚡

Product Manager. Helping people who can’t code to kickstart and validate ideas without breaking the bank. Sharing more at www.jayyoms.com

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